San Sebastián

san sebastian

Playa de la Concha from Monte Igueldo

San Sebastián is a small city on the northeast coast of Spain, just 12 miles from the French border.  It is a city full of culture, life, and in particular, great food!  We visited San Sebastián this summer during our vacation through Spain and France, and spent a whole day walking around and going from bar to bar in the parte vieja tasting delicious pintxos (the basque version of tapas) and drinking txakoli, a sparkling dry white wine typical of the area.

Right now in London they are celebrating San Sebastián Gastronomika 2013, an international congress celebrating food and bringing together some of the famous chefs from Spain and abroad.  A great experience for all culinary enthusiasts!

We will definitely need to go back to San Sebastián, our short stay there was not nearly enough time to try all the amazing Spanish food.  I highly recommend it, especially during the summer, for anyone planning a trip Spain.

san sebastian3 san sebastian4 san sebastian2


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