It’s getting chilly outside! (less so here in Alicante still…)  And with the cooler weather comes rich hearty meals, including fabada asturiana, a savory dish to keep you full and warm.  This dish, originating from Asturias in north-west Spain, is made with large white beans (alubias blancas (or fabes in asturian)) and Asturian cured sausages (embutido asturiano).


Fabada Asturiana

Fabada is a dish that takes some time to make, but the result is well worth it.


Dry white beans are soaked overnight and the water drained away the next day.

In a pot filled with water, the beans and embutidos asturianos are added and brought to a boil.  Then the heat is reduced to a simmer for 3 hours, adding more water if necessary.

Here is Manolo’s fabada in the works.  It includes bacon (panceta), blood sausage (morcilla), and chorizo asturiano.


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